Typeface AI

Last updated: Jun 20, 2023

TypeFace AI is an app that uses generative AI to help companies create personalized text and images that match their brand's voice.

It is safe and keeps company data private.

TypeFace AI maximizes the use of the latest and best AI models and is customizable to fit the customer's style and audience.

It also works with other apps that a customer might use.

Typeface has partnered with Google Cloud to provide customized AI to Workspace users and global businesses. 

  • TypeFace AI is a generative AI app for personalized content creation for work.
  • The app uses top-notch AI models to create content tailored to a brand's voice and style.
  • TypeFace AI keeps customer data private and is privacy-safe.
  • The app works well with other apps that customers might use.
  • TypeFace AI helps create text, images, and even helps check grammar and plagiarism.
  • The app is customizable to a customer's style and audience.

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