Numerous AI

Last updated: Jun 20, 2023 is a tool that helps you save time on repetitive tasks in spreadsheets by using artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing.

You can use ChatGPT inside your cells to prompt it with the =AI() function to make educated guesses, summarize text into bullet points, extract specific parts out of text, and more.

You can even use =WRITE() to have ChatGPT write things for you, like marketing copy or responses to customer messages. If you don't know what a formula does, Numerous can explain it to you in plain English.

Numerous has different subscription plans based on how much you want to use it, starting with a free plan.

There are different limits on things like the number of formula generations and the characters of ChatGPT inputs and outputs.

However, they do not require a credit card to try the service. If you need more than what any of the plans offer, you can contact Numerous for custom plans.

  • saves you time on spreadsheet tasks using AI and natural language processing.
  • ChatGPT can be used inside your cells to make educated guesses and summarize text.
  • You can use =WRITE() to have ChatGPT write marketing copy or customer messages.
  • Different subscription plans are available with different limits on formula generations and characters of ChatGPT inputs and outputs.
  • There is a free plan and custom plans are available by contacting Numerous.
  • You do not need a credit card to try the service.

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