MyHeritage AI Time Machine

Last updated: Oct 16, 2023

MyHeritage AI Time Machine is a fun feature on MyHeritage where you can upload photos of yourself and turn them into cool AI avatars that look like you in different time periods.

You can be an Egyptian pharaoh, a medieval knight, or even an astronaut. It's a fun way to imagine what you would look like in history!

Embark on a journey to discover your family history with MyHeritage. Start by building your family tree and adding names.

The website's automatic matching technology will help you find more relatives and make exciting discoveries.

You can also order a DNA kit to learn about your ethnic origins and find relatives you didn't know about.

Finally, you can search billions of historical records and uncover fascinating information about your ancestors. MyHeritage is a platform that makes exploring your family history easy and exciting!

  • MyHeritage AI Time Machine turns your photos into AI avatars from different time periods.
  • Build your family tree and discover new relatives.
  • Order a DNA kit to reveal your ethnic origins.
  • Search billions of historical records to learn about your ancestors.
  • MyHeritage is a platform for exploring family history globally.
  • It offers technologies for enhancing and colorizing historical photos.

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