Last updated: Jan 29, 2024 is a website that hosts the AI creation platform called Mage, which is powered by Stability AI.

Mage allows users to generate images, videos, 3D scenes, and more using state-of-the-art AI models.

The platform provides an intuitive web interface that enables users to create imaginative, photorealistic, and artistic visuals through text prompts. It utilizes advanced AI models like Stable Diffusion to power the image generation capabilities.

  • Mage utilizes cutting-edge AI image generation technology to create images, art, logos, graphics and more from text descriptions. Users simply type what they want to create and the AI will generate it.
  • It offers features like image upscaling, outpainting, inpainting, text-to-image, image-to-image, etc. This allows modifying and building on existing images easily.
  • There is a free tier available allowing limited daily usage. For unlimited commercial usage, paid subscriptions are offered.
  • It competes with other AI creative platforms like DALL-E 2, Midjourney and Stable Diffusion. claims to offer greater creative control for users.
  • The platform is browser-based with future plans for mobile applications reportedly in development.

Mage offers community-based support through Discord, where users can ask questions, seek help with prompts, and share their creations. 

In summary, lets anyone generate customized visuals for their needs and creative projects through an intuitive AI interface. With powerful generative algorithms, it aims to democratize creative abilities for all.

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