Last updated: Jun 18, 2023

Kive is a platform that helps creatives easily organize their visual libraries and speed up their research process.

With AI tagging, fast and accurate search, and shared workspaces, Kive has become a secret weapon for many directors, production companies, designers, and creative agencies. Users praise its ability to bring together all their inspiration and references in a single place, thus transforming their workflow.

Kive's AI search tool, shared workspaces, and powerful collaborative features contribute to thousands of creatives worldwide changing the way they work.

Whether you're on a browser, an iOS device or an iPad, Kive provides access anywhere to your inspiration and references. With Kive, you can transform your mood boards and scripts quickly and easily, and build beautiful boards and share them with a link.

  • Kive helps creatives organize their visual libraries and speed up their research process.
  • AI tagging makes fast and accurate search possible while shared workspaces and collaboration features transform the way creatives work.
  • Kive provides access anywhere, even on iOS or iPad, and helps users build beautiful boards and connect with their teams.
  • Directors, DOPs, Production Companies, Art Directors, Designers, Creative Directors, Ad Agencies, Brands, Photographers, Stylists, Colorists, and Visual Artists all benefit from Kive's platform.
  • The AI search tool, powerful collaborative features, and easy-to-use interface make Kive's platform a trusted solution for thousands of creatives worldwide.
  • Kive backs its platform with a community full of inspiration, featuring some of the best creatives on the planet.

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