Last updated: Jun 18, 2023

 Flowshot is an all-in-one AI toolkit that can be used to instantly enhance your Google Sheets workflow.

The plugin enables users to autocomplete repetitive tasks, lookup formulas, and generate images for free.

The AI formulas work seamlessly with native Google Sheets features, such as named ranges and absolute references. Monthly, yearly and free pricing options are available.

To get started with Flowshot, users can install the plugin and utilize the sidebar to auto-magically insert AI formulas into their sheets. Users can also create custom AI models on their spreadsheet data with a few clicks, no technical knowledge or setup is required.

Organizations of all shapes and sizes can utilize Flowshot to enhance their workflows.

  • All-in-one AI toolkit for Google Sheets
  • Autocomplete repetitive tasks and lookup formulas
  • Ability to generate images for free
  • Custom AI models can be created with a few clicks
  • Monthly, yearly, and free pricing options available
  • Used by organizations of all shapes and sizes

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