Last updated: Jun 18, 2023

EbSynth is a software program designed to animate still images. The project was developed in conjunction with the University of Freiburg, and it is currently in its beta test phase.

The developers behind the program have recently released an updated version, which they boast is much faster, stronger, and easier to use.

The program is free to download from the official website and is intended for commercial use. The final professional version will require a paid license.

  • EbSynth is a software program that animates still images.
  • The program is currently in beta test phase and free to download from the official website.
  • The recent update promises faster and stronger performance, as well as easier usability than the previous version.
  • The program is intended for commercial use, though the final professional version will come with a paid license.
  • The advanced settings of the program include mapping, de-flicker, and diversity.
  • EbSynth allows users to blend multiple keyframes to produce a final blend.

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