Last updated: Jun 18, 2023

Decoherence Co. is a software that allows users to create AI-generated videos that cannot be filmed.

The software is easy, fast, and intuitive with audioreactive effects that sync with the beat of the music. Users can select their starting frame, generate it with a text prompt, or bring their own from somewhere else. Video aspect ratios can also be chosen from landscape, portrait, or square.

Decoherence Co. offers various add-ons, such as the ability to animate audio with audioreactive effects. This allows users to sync their visuals with the beat of the music, creating a more dynamic and engaging video.

The software also offers downloadable content and updates via email, as well as access to their Discord community. Finally, the company has a website with helpful resources, including terms and privacy policies, copyright information, and a contact page for inquiries.

  • Decoherence Co. creates AI-generated videos that cannot be filmed
  • The software offers audioreactive effects that sync with the beat of the music
  • Users can choose their starting frame or generate one with a text prompt
  • Various aspect ratios are available for video creation
  • Add-ons include animating audio with audioreactive effects
  • Decoherence Co. offers downloadable content and updates, a Discord community, and helpful resources on their website

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