Last updated: Jun 19, 2023

Cohesive is a productivity tool that combines the power of human creativity with the brilliance of AI to help users create, refine, edit, and publish their work seamlessly.

With 100+ templates, content inspiration, and an AI editor, Cohesive promises to help users produce high-quality content 13 times faster than usual. Team collaboration is effortless, keeping everyone on the same page and ensuring no deadlines are missed.

Cohesive offers features such as an AI editor, content inspiration, and 100+ templates to help users create high-quality content faster. With use cases for marketing, sales, support, and personal writing,

Cohesive aims to transform writing with AI-powered enhancements. Collaboration is simplified with real-time editing, and users can work without limitations using the Cohesive browser extension.

  • AI editor
  • Content inspiration
  • 100+ templates
  • Use cases for marketing, sales, support, and personal
  • Team collaboration
  • Cohesive browser extension

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