Bright Pen AI

Last updated: Jun 20, 2023

Bright Pen is an AI-based suite of tools that helps content creators to maximize their reach and creativity.

It offers several features like AI Writing Assistant, AI Narrator, AI Art, and PDF Uploader. With these tools, users can easily create flawless documents, bring their stories to life, and create stunning images.

Moreover, Bright Pen provides simple pricing plans for individuals, professionals, businesses, and agencies.

The pricing plans range from $10 to $40 per month with features like a specific number of words, characters, images, and PDF documents.

Bright Pen's mission is to empower content creators to leverage AI tools and services to maximize their reach and creativity, and it uses cookies to ensure the best experience on the website.

  • Bright Pen offers AI-based suite of tools for content creators.
  • AI Writing Assistant helps to create flawless documents using templates.
  • AI Narrator engages the audience by crafting stories with 400+ voices across 56 languages.
  • AI Art creates stunning images with endless creative possibilities.
  • PDF Uploader summarizes paragraphs, rewrites sentences, and expands on ideas.
  • Bright Pen offers simple pricing plans starting from $10/month for individuals and up to $40/month for agencies.

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