Last updated: Jun 18, 2023

BLUF is an AI-powered web page assistant that provides concise answers, summaries, and explanations of web pages.

It helps users save time by quickly getting to the key highlights and reducing complex documents into simple terms. BLUF is available on Chrome and Firefox browsers, with other browsers coming soon.

Users can choose between a free plan with 25 prompts per month, a standard plan with 4 prompts per month and 200 prompts per month, and a professional plan with unlimited prompts at a cost of $10 per month.

BLUF collects usage data but not the content of prompts or answers, and users can contact support at [email protected].

  • BLUF is an AI-powered web page assistant
  • It provides summaries and explanations of web pages
  • Available on Chrome and Firefox browsers
  • Offers free, standard, and professional plans
  • Collects usage data but not content of prompts or answers 

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